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Northamptonshire Tree Services

Arborescence Tree Care are proud to offer a comprehensive range of tree services to residential clients in Northamptonshire. Our team of tree surgeons are fully qualified and trained to carry out the best quality of maintenance work possible. Whether you need a slight crown reduction or complete tree and stump removal, you can count on us to provide a reliable and professional service.

For more information about each of the above services, please follow the link to their individual page. Our services are available within 40 miles of Northampton, extended to cover across Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. 

As a part of your free, no-obligation quote, we will always endeavour to conduct a site visit in order to provide the most accurate quote possible. Our prices are competitive and you are guaranteed an excellent value for money. If you would like to arrange your free quote or see how we can help, please contact us today via 01933 666078 or visit our Contact Page.

Find out more about our tree surgery services here.

International Society of Arboriculture

The International Society of Arboriculture was established in 1924 with a uniform reason: to promote and improve the quality of training, service and professionalism within the arboricultural industry. Although their headquarters are in the US, they have established themselves in the UK as one of the most acclaimed professional bodies. They have members and affiliates across the globe, offering certifications which are globally recognised. 

Arborescence Tree Care are proud to be members of the ISA. This means maximum peace of mind for our clients as the quality of work is guaranteed. Members of the ISA undergo a thorough assessment to test their technical knowledge and practical experience. We continuously invest in our staff, providing ongoing training to be up to date with the latest technology and industry information. 

Our team at Arborescence Tree Care additionally hold valid and relevant City & Guilds qualifications and NPTC certificates. All of our work is duly carried out to BS3998 standards. We are well-established in the local community and proud to say that a good proportion of our work is by recommendations or word of mouth.

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Types of Tree Surgery

Arborescence Tree Care are expert tree surgeons who are capable of performing all types of tree surgery. If carried out sympathetically and professionally, it will result in positive results both for the tree and its environment. Tree surgery is occasionally required to keep the tree safe and healthy, as well as maintaining their appearance. Whether you need a slight crown reduction to control stray branches or complete tree removal, you can count on us to provide a reliable service in Northampton. 

We use a versatile range of modern equipment and techniques to ensure that the impact of our work is kept to a minimal- both to the property and to the general environment. All green waste is disposed of in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. If you have any questions regarding our services, or would like to arrange your free, no-obligation quote, please simply get in touch via 01933 666078 to speak with a member of our expert team.

Some of the most common types of tree surgery carried out include:

tree pruning services

Tree Pruning

Similar to pruning garden plants but on an arboreal scale, annual pruning of trees can help to maintain an aesthetic shape which complements its surroundings. It's also practical for removing dead or diseased limbs for the safety of the tree and any passer-bys.

tree crown thinning

Crown Management

Effective crown management is essential in keeping the tree in good health. By carefully reducing the weight and density of the crown, it helps to improve the amount of light that was blocked out and quality of air circulation under the crown, improving ground flora.

tree stump services

Tree Removal

Although we aim to provide services which keep trees thriving and healthy, there are circumstances which tree removal, or felling, is the best option. This could be due to disease and rot, site development or tree roots causing damage to the nearby properties.

Emergency Tree Removal

Though they are often seen as strong guardians of nature, trees can become vulnerable in adverse weather conditions such as storms and strong winds. It's not uncommon to find storm-damaged trees and dislodged branches blocking the road or damaging property. This can cause great inconvenience as well as costly repairs. 

If you are located within 40 miles of Northampton, Arborescence Tree Care offers a 24-hour emergency tree removal service. Our expert tree surgeons will be on site at the earliest opportunity to assess the situation and advise any remedial methods. If we cannot immediately remove the tree, we will at least restore a reasonable amount of access and return at the earliest chance to carry out a complete and safe removal of the fallen tree. Our emergency tree removal services are also applicable to any accidents such as vehicle collisions. We can additionally assess the surrounding trees for any hidden damage and dismantle the damaged tree.

tree removal service

Even on the ground, tree surgery requires technical skill and experience- it's more than taking a chainsaw to a tree. You should never attempt tree surgery without relevant experience, equipment and competence. If the tree fell due to damages, there could be further dangers of other failing branches. Never compromise your personal safety to remove a fallen branch, call your local professionals at 01933 666078.

before hedge cutting after hedge cutting

Local Hedge Cutting Services

For local residential properties, Arborescence Tree Care can additionally offer a hedge cutting service alongside our comprehensive tree care services. Hedges and shrubs are one of the most aesthetic ways of establishing boundary and protecting your privacy. They should be trimmed regularly to maintain their shape and size.

Because hedge and shrub trimming requires recurring maintenance, Arborescence Tree Care offer a reliable and timely service to clients within Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. Our fully qualified team will work to your specifications, using the latest equipment and techniques. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of service regardless of the job size and type. We will leave the site clean the tidy- sweeping all driveways and gardens as necessary. All of our waste is disposed of in a responsible manner to reduce our impact to the environment.

Tree Survey Reports

Although we do not offer a consultancy service with local authorities, Arborescence Tree Care will be more than happy to provide expert arboricultural guidance and advice for domestic properties within our service area. Tree surveys are essential to identify the species, age and size of the tree, as well as it's health and recommend any remedial actions.

Arborescence Tree Care are fully qualified tree surgeons who can produce concise, unbiased reports after conducting a comprehensive tree survey. They are often required as part of legal applications such as mortgages and insurance approvals. They are also essential for homeowners to assess the condition of the trees within their home boundaries. Whether you would like to survey a single tree or your entire estate, you can count on us to provide a complete service. 

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to arrange your free, no-obligation quote, please simply get in touch via 01933 666078 or visit our contact page to speak with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team.

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