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What Is The Benefit of Tree Pruning

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  • 10-08-2021
What Is The Benefit of Tree Pruning

What is Tree Pruning?

When you are pruning the tree, you need to have enough knowledge of how to cut correctly to avoid causing damage to the tree. When you prune a tree, it will take time for that tree to heal the wound; removing excessive branches can cause the tree to have a lot of injuries which is difficult for a tree to heal. Care must be taken when pruning as it can lead to low production and increase the risk of infection and diseases.

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Trees can carry a heavy influence in our lives. They bring years of benefits to future generations if they are maintained properly. Trees not only provide shelter when it's too hot and clean the air around us, some of them also give us fruits. When you cut one tree, you should ensure to plant more to maintain a suitable environment.

Trees should be planted a distance from the building, electronic wires to avoid the risk that may be caused when strong wind or rain occur.

tree pruning in front of a building

A Standard Prune

A standard prune is the removal of dead-end branches that may cause the tree not to grow well. When you remove these branches, the tree reallocate resources to grow healthier branches, making the tree strong. This can also allow more light to penetrate the canopy.

Crown Thinning

It is often carried out on trees that are on street and near buildings to allow enough light to penetrate. This can also help to avoid damages or insects that can enter the house. Trees can also be damaged by the buildings and structures, so it's also necessary for the protection of trees.

Structural Pruning

Structural pruning removes branches to promote healthy growth and prevent damages at the time of rain and others adverse weather conditions. This type of pruning is suitable for trees of all ages. However, younger plants tend to respond quickly to structural pruning than older plants.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction involves the removal of branches which are of excess height and width. It's mainly carried out on trees which are close to buildings which are blocking out light. It also prevent trees from damaging nearby structures and clear way for telephone lines and any power lines nearby.

Hazardous Tree Removal

It is removing of any hanging branches that are destroyed by heavy wind, storms or adverse weather. It is good to remove these branches to prevent them from falling and cause damage and injury or block the roads. Additionally, you can support the weak branches with poles.

Fruit Pruning

Fruit pruning is the practice of removing a selected part of a fruit tree to promote growth of healthy fruits. It is usually done when the leaves are young so that the tree allocate the resources to the fruits, as well as making them easier to harvest and to spray against pest and diseases.

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