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Hedge and Shrub Trimming

An excellent and healthy looking garden does not come easily, since there is so much work that needs to be put in it to ensure that it looks well maintained. Trimming the hedges and shrubs may seem trivial, but they contribute to giving your garden a neat and tidy appearance.

hedge and tree trimming

When it comes to the hedge and shrub trimming, one is required to cut it to a reasonable size with neat edges. You can trim your hedge to create a distinct shape or pattern limited only to your imagination. If it overgrows than the expected size, special shears are used ensure a smooth surface is achieved.

Benefits of hedge trimming

Improve the look of your overall garden: The trimming process allows you to shape your garden plants according to your desired shape and size. This helps to improve the look of the garden and also give it a unique look as well. If you live in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes, then Arborescence Tree Care will be more than happy to provide you with an efficient and reliable service.

before hedge trimming
hedge trimming in progress
hedge reduced

Ensures safety: Allowing the hedges to grow at a higher height than the house’s roof can be dangerous to your entire household. This is because the large branches can cause damages to the roof of the house in case they fall off during the hot seasons. Therefore, always make sure that the hedges are trimmed to a level that is lower the roof of the house to prevent such occurrences. 

Promotes healthy growth: Before you begin trimming, it's worth performing extra pruning to remove any specfic unwanted branches. By doing so, you create growing space and resources for the healthy parts of shrub. An annual trim is essential to refreshing the quality of the new growth.