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Do you require tree surveys in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Bedford? Our expert arboriculturist often offers the tree surveys necessary and maintenance throughout Northampton and the surrounding areas.

A tree survey is a process that requires extensive knowledge on the subject, its best to hire one of our industry professionals to carry out this task to ensure accuracy in the results. Tree surveys reveal various information to land and homeowners, such as the age and species of the tree, its health and impact on the surroundings, measurements such as height or diameter, and management recommendations.

In most places, tree surveys are compulsory. They often provide essential information to the local authorities, designers, homeowners, or landowners to avoid unnecessary removals.

Tree surveys are also carried out when planning on planting more trees on the land. It helps ensure that the trees meet all the health and safety requirements and establish proper care and maintenance of the trees.

Tree Surveys Northampton and Milton Keynes

BS5837 Tree Reports

As the fate of a tree depends on the result of the tree survey, you would want to ensure you receive the most accurate result from your surveyor. Customer satisfaction and accuracy is our priority. We'll be happy to help you throughout the process. Get in touch today.

Arborescence Tree Care has a team of trained and qualified arboriculturalists that are fully knowledgeable and experienced in the field (no pun intended!) to provide a concise and unbiased report. So if you're looking for tasks to be handled, don't hesitate to call us on the phone number available.

Our excellent surveyors can collect information and put it in tabular form. The recommended table form will contain numbers and tags from the trees that the survey was carried on.

From the table, someone studying it can understand the meaning of the labels and numbers as an explanation is given. The tree survey can also reveal the tree's health, diagnosing any diseases and hazards that could harm its surroundings.

Do you require Tree Surveys in Northampton and Milton Keynes? Please get in touch with us via 01933 666078 or use our contact form to send an enquiry.

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What is a BS5837 Tree Survey?

A BS5837 Tree Survey takes place in 3 stages and can change depending on the site, design development and location. Here is a brief explanation of how this survey is carried out:

Tree Survey Plan

Firstly, a plan needs to be drawn out to show every single tree within the chosen site, and it must be to scale. The drawing is required as an initial map or reference. The tree survey plan is often part of the documents that the land or homeowner will present to the local authorities to receive planning permission and any public insurance.


Once the plan has been drawn, the trees are given a unique number. As well as this, notes need to be made about each tree, including:

  • The type of tree
  • The age of the tree
  • Any protection orders for the tree
  • The height of the tree
  • The diameter of the stem
  • The overall condition of the tree

Tree Constraints Plan

The tree constraints plan must include the exact position and measurement of the tree's crown. The tree must also have a thorough assessment to check the quality and condition. You must also estimate the size the tree can grow to in the future within the property location and note the root protection area.

 What is a Tree Preservation Order?

A Tree Preservation Order, also known as a TPO, is an order that is set up by the local planning authority. The order itself protects specific trees from being damaged or cut down and offers construction builders and landowners guidance on what can and cannot be touched.

If a tree has a preservation order, you must not cut it down during construction or try to damage it on purpose. For example, if the tree is of a rare species, it often legally cannot be harmed or cut down. You must check this before you touch any tree. For more information, please give us a call. Our quality staff may offer you advice on tree management or guidance on the best methods to receive planning permission from the local authorities or landowners.

Tree Risk Assessments

Tree risk assessments are there to prevent damage to its surroundings and also for health and safety reasons. For example, if you cut a tree, it could fall onto a road during construction or bad weather and cause obstruction or accidents, or it could fall onto a property and damage it.

To do a tree risk assessment, you need to know the whereabouts of roads, public footpaths and buildings around that area. Next, you need to assess the health and condition of the tree itself. Professionals will choose treatments and procedures for that specific tree from this assessment during the developmental stage.

Tree Surveys for Mortgage Approval

First, tree surveys for mortgage approval must be carried out by trained and qualified tree surgeons and surveyors. They ensure the trees are safe, healthy and won't cause any damage or problems.

If the tree's condition is all clear, the property can be approved for a mortgage. However, if not, the tree surgeon must look at the details and decide what treatment needs to be done to the tree. We offer a wide range of treatments and solutions to the situation.

Residential Tree Surveys

If you need a residential tree survey and are based around the Northampton area, then we can help. At Arborescence Tree Care we have years of experience and knowledge to carry out our expert tree care services.

If you would like to find out more about the condition of a residential tree, please give us a call today. Trees can cause many problems, and we want to help! It is always so important to call a professional for industry-standard tree services and not try and do it yourself. Our services have been highly recommended by customers and clients, past and present, domestic and commercial.

Residential Tree Surveys

If you need a residential tree survey and are based around the Northampton area, then we can help. Arborescence Tree Care has years of experience and knowledge to carry out our expert tree care services.

If you would like to find out more, please call us today. Trees can cause many problems, and we want to help! It is always so important to call an individual professional for tree services and not try and do it yourself during dangerous construction work.

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