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Tree Pruning Services

Pruning is the process of selectively removing non-productive or inner branches of a tree in an attempt to improve the productivity and the lifespan of a given tree. The extent of pruning depends on the type of the tree. For instance, less pruning may be done to a tree which only provides a shade compared to trees which produce fruits and flowers.

before tree pruning


after tree pruning


Apart from the benefits below, tree pruning may be required to improve the aesthetics of the tree. The trees can be pruned in style so that they conform a given shape as per the requirement of the owner. A well-pruned tree is also safer as hazardous branches are removed to eliminate the risk of falling. 

Gives room for light penetration

Removing the lower branches of the tree allows more light to the tree and the ground, which is also beneficial for the surrounding flora. If the trees get enough light they produce enough carbohydrates for enough food. The removal of unproductive branches helps the tree get effective air circulation which helps increase its production.

Disease control

Trees can be pruned as a way of controlling diseases especially when there are many trees in a given area. When trees are close to each other and probably are having contact, it is possible for them to rub together and cause wounds, which can lead to diseases. Pruning, therefore, disconnects the transfer of diseases.

Improves the health of the tree

The trees grow healthy and strong when pruned. Because unproductive branches are removed, the resources are better dedicated to other parts of the tree. The branches also have a good space to spread hence more productivity which can guarantee a longer lifespan.

Tree pruning should be done in a professional way so that finances are not misspent. Arborescence Tree Care can guarantee you the best pruning services within Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. Our team of fully qualified tree surgeons are ISA-registered with over 17 years of experience in all aspects of tree surgery. If you would like to arrange your free, no-obligation quote, please simply give us a call at 01933 666078 or use the form to the right.