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Tree pruning is the process of selectively removing non-productive or inner branches of a tree in an attempt to improve the productivity and the lifespan of a given tree. 

The extent of pruning depends on the type of the tree. For instance, less pruning may be done to a tree which only provides a shade compared to trees which produce fruits and flowers.

before tree pruning - Tree Pruning Services Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford


after tree pruning - Tree Pruning Services Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford


Apart from the benefits below, tree pruning may be required to improve the aesthetics of the tree. The trees can be pruned in style so that they conform a given shape as per the requirement of the owner. A well-pruned tree is also safer as hazardous branches are removed to eliminate the risk of falling. 

Gives room for light penetration

Removing the lower branches of the tree allows more light to the tree and the ground, which is also beneficial for the surrounding flora. If the trees get enough light they produce enough carbohydrates for enough food. The removal of unproductive branches helps the tree get effective air circulation which helps increase its production.

Disease control

Trees can be pruned as a way of controlling diseases especially when there are many trees in a given area. When trees are close to each other and probably are having contact, it is possible for them to rub together and cause wounds, which can lead to diseases. Pruning, therefore, disconnects the transfer of diseases.

Improves the health of the tree

The trees grow healthy and strong when pruned. Because unproductive branches are removed, the resources are better dedicated to other parts of the tree.  The branches also have a good space to spread hence more productivity which can guarantee a longer lifespan.

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Why Is Tree Pruning Important?

Pruning is the act of cutting out certain parts and portions of a tree, hedge or shrub, such as any roots, branches or buds that may be dead or dying due to a pest infestation or a pest nest. It may be due to diseases that the bark has absorbed or if it has been unable to absorb any sunlight, causing it to begin dying off. 

Why Is Tree Pruning Important

 Pruning is also the maintenance and upkeep of a tree or shrub, i.e., the leaves or hedges' trimming for overall plant health and aesthetic purposes. 

It keeps your garden or company site spaces neat and pleasing to look at by controlling its shape and plant size whilst not distorting. It enables and encourages healthy fruit, plant and flower growth. 

Domestic or commercial properties with a regular pruning schedule can ensure protection for your plants, family, and employees. It can protect your property from any pests, injury and personal or site damage that can come from fallen trees. It's an integral part of a long-term maintenance strategy.

Does Pruning Trees Encourage Growth?

Pruning trees does promote healthy growth, much like it encourages growth for shrubbery and flowers or fruit. 

Some may say that pruning goes against a plant or tree's natural development and could open up cuts and allow the disease to absorb and flourish. Whilst that is a truth, that is only a ''what if'' and there are many more ways pruning can be good for trees and encourage growth in your garden. 

Most plants and trees cannot healthily continue their natural growth if their leaves, flowers, fruits and branches are dying or diseased. Pruning cuts off the dead elements of your tree at a sensible point, to where it can continue to grow. 

It can prevent pests and animals from attracting your tree, property, or home and enhancing its natural shape so that it may flourish once more. 

When Should Trees Be Pruned?

Trees are best to be pruned in the late Autumn during the changing of the leaves and early spring to freshen up your shrubbery and trees right before they begin their growth cycle or begin to bloom. 

It is an excellent stage to prune, as, during this time, trees enter a dormant phase where they briefly halt their growth. Once pruned in these seasons, during the spring, they can begin regrowth. A typical trees cycle is between 3-5 years; however, it is vital to get the timings right to get the most out of the years and seasons of growth.

When Should Trees Be Pruned

 You may wish to contact us or any other local arborist in your surrounding areas for any tree services and further information or advice on the best time, and we can offer our expertise. Our business offers tree pruning and trimming services to all those interested clients. Get in touch today via phone call or email. 

How Do You Correctly Prune a Tree?

You want to start by removing any diseased, broken or dead branches on your tree or its crown. Get thoroughly rid of any downward-growing branches. 

Ensure that if you find any limbs are crossed or have gotten entangled, eradicate one of them at its base. Once you do this, you can remove any of your stems or stalks along the trunk thicker in diameter than the trunk. 

Get rid of suckers hanging low on the trunk or any that have dwindled their way through the roots. Here you can take off vertical branches, called water sprouts, causing disfiguration or disrupting the overall growth. Then move on to removing any large limbs first at the top of the tree and making your way down. 

To carry out a "Thinning" cut, remove the whole branch at its collar; this is the most suggested cutting method. We recommend "Heading" cuts that remove a small section or parts of a branch; however, this method is highly uncommon. 

If you're interested in further information or are struggling to carry out this process on your own, please contact our services, and we can happily assist you and offer you a free quote. 

What is the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Pruning?

There are a few subtle difference between Pruning and Trimming that some may be unaware of yet are crucial to understanding. 


Trimming is a method for more attractive and aesthetic purposes. For example, if you have a commercial or domestic site or property in Northampton and you feel like the bark on a branch or discolouration doesn't suit its other components' surroundings. Pruning pertains to the overall maintenance of the tree. Some trees and their branches can grow in all kinds of directions; towards electricity wires or into neighbouring properties or other households. Pruning keeps unwanted growth in line. 


We use pruning methods to remove unnecessary branches at the crown, which are perhaps too heavy for a tree or don't look pleasing anymore. Trimming, however, encourages healthy growth-it gets rid of any branches that have died or are dying due to disease or pests and therefore no longer assist in the trees natural growth. 

Tree pruning should be done in a professional way so that finances are not misspent. Arborescence Tree Care can guarantee you the best pruning services within Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

Our team of fully qualified tree surgeons are ISA-registered with over 17 years of experience in all aspects of tree surgery. 

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