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Tree Pollarding
Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford

Tree pollarding is the process of cutting off the branches of trees or the advanced branches when the tree is still at a tender age. The tree is then allowed to grow again. 

This is done commonly in  homes as a way of managing and deciding on the height of the trees for a variety of reasons.

Pollarding may be required when the type of tree in question is limited in branches by nature. Pollarding, therefore, gives the tree a chance to grow several branches which may end up being productive, with a capacity to provide shade and enough leaves for food production. 

Tree Pollarding Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford

Tree pollarding can be done on trees which are grown under electric wires so that its height does not interfere with any cables. Instead of completely removing the tree, its tender stem can be cut when it reaches a certain height, with ongoing pollarding to restrict it at that height.

Pollarding and cutting branches helps in reducing the rate at which bacteria may otherwise spread throughout the tree. The trunk also tends to maintain good health and strength so that it does not suffer the weight of extra branches.

tree after being pollarded

In case of a limitation of space in the domestic homes, tree pollarding is performed to restrict the space that is to be occupied by a given tree. This is ideal if you have several trees in the garden which you would like to control, annual pollarding is performed to ensure that they grow smaller than their natural size, but in an aesthetic shape.

When performed correctly, pollarding is far from damaging a tree and its appearance. If you are located in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes, Arborescence Tree Care is proud to be your local tree surgeons, providing a dedicated service in a reliable and timely manner.

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