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Tree Planting Services
Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford

Do you require Tree Planting Services in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Bedford? Our tree services include planting and maintenance of young trees.

Trees are vital in the ecosystem. Tree planting involves transplanting a tree of any age to a new location, either for the purpose of aesthetics or part of an ecological conversation plan. While you can simply bury a seed or sapling in the ground, it will take years for the sapling to grow into a sizeable tree.

Arborescence Tree Care are proud to be your local tree surgeon in Northamptonshire. We have the expertise and equipment to transplant semi-mature trees to a new location. This is ideal if you want a tree in your garden now and not in 20 years time. 

While we can make recommendations as to what would best suit your garden, the species and type of tree is entirely limited by your imagination. We have established fantastic working relationships with local nurseries and can source a tree on your behalf.

tree planting in progress

Benefits of planting a tree

Air Quality: the oxygen emitted by trees essential for our survival. Having a tree in the garden can improve the air quality because trees take in carbon dioxide which is harmful and holds dust and pollutants which are always present in the environment. 

Shade: When trees are planted in appropriate places for example near buildings, they provide a natural shade which helps to condition the temperature. The natural shade of a tree is also more theraputic than a simple parasol or canopy. 

Habitat: Trees provides a habitat and valuable food for an array of animals such birds and insects. Home-grown fruits are also fit for human consumption, allowing you to explore new recipes with your abundant harvest.

Aesthetics: With so many trees the environment will look more attractive. Also, people can plant trees for the keeping of history and memories. 

Water and Soil Preservation: Trees preserve soil by reducing soil erosion and adding humus to the land. Soil around a tree retain more nutrition and moisture, aiding in the growth of your other garden flora.

Contact us today for Tree Planting Services on 01933 666078. Read more about our full range of tree surgery services in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Bedford.

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