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Tree Felling

When other services of tree care are not enough, tree felling is sometimes the best option. Tree felling is the removal of trees in one single piece. Regardless of the size of the tree, this should only be performed by specialists relevant experience and qualifications. 

tree felling

Trees are an excellent feature to have in your garden, even when they do not offer any financial returns. However, some trees can be liabilities instead of assets. Larger trees are prone to falling and damaging properties and vehicles. Some trees would easily show signs of falling down, such as rotting branches; however, all trees are vulnerable to external causes such as adverse weather or vehicle collisions.

It’s important to be aware if you have trees growing in or near your garden. If for any reason you need a tree felling, it's best to leave it to professionals. If you did it by yourself, then you can easily misjudge the position of the tree or the direction in which it will fall, causing personal injury and property damage which can be costly to repair.

Reasons for felling trees

Arborescence Tree Care would only recommend felling a tree if there are no other alternatives. Despite the benefits which a tree brings, there are also circumstances where felling a tree is the best option:

Disease and Decay: If a qualified tree surgeon has diagnosed a tree with a contagious disease, the best course of action is generally to remove the tree before it spreads to other trees in its vicinity. 

Light Control: Trees that grow near our homes also prevent light from entering our homes. This can force you to keep your lights on which has a direct effect on the energy bills you will pay at the end. Having little to no direct daylight also affects the aesthetics of your home.

Root Damage: Huge trees usually have fibrous roots that grow sideways. The roots expand as they grow and can easily damage the foundation of your home.

Site Development: Tree surveys are carried out in the planning stages of site development to identify their relevant risks and impacts. This applies equally to residential and commercial projects.