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Tree Felling
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When other services of tree care are not enough, tree felling is sometimes the best option. Tree felling is the removal of trees in one single piece. Regardless of the size of the tree, this should only be performed by specialists relevant experience and qualifications. 

tree felling Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford

Trees are an excellent feature to have in your garden, even when they do not offer any financial returns. However, some trees can be liabilities instead of assets. Larger trees are prone to falling and damaging properties and vehicles. 

Some trees would easily show signs of falling down, such as rotting branches; however, all trees are vulnerable to external causes such as adverse weather or vehicle collisions.

It's important to be aware if you have trees growing in or near your garden. If for any reason you need a tree felling, it's best to leave it to professionals.  

If you did it by yourself, then you can easily misjudge the position of the tree or the direction in which it will fall, causing personal injury and property damage which can be costly to repair.

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Reasons for felling trees

Arborescence Tree Care would only recommend felling a tree if there are no other alternatives. Despite the benefits which a tree brings, there are also circumstances where felling a tree is the best option:

Disease and Decay: If a qualified tree surgeon has diagnosed a tree with a contagious disease, the best course of action is generally to remove the tree before it spreads to other trees in its vicinity. 

Light Control: Trees that grow near our homes also prevent light from entering our homes. This can force you to keep your lights on which has a direct effect on the energy bills you will pay at the end. Having little to no direct daylight also affects the aesthetics of your home.

Root Damage: Huge trees usually have fibrous roots that grow sideways. The roots expand as they grow and can easily damage the foundation of your home.

Does My Tree Need To Be Felled?

The main reason that a tree may need to be felled is safety. If you have a tree on your property that poses a threat to your or the public's health and safety, then it should be felled. 

Other reasons may include weather damage, which may develop into a health risk, or if the tree is diseased. Our professional, qualified tree surgeons will be able to assess any tree that you think may need felling. 

There are options other than felling for dangerous or damaged trees, and our team of experienced tree surgeons will tell you of these once they have made their assessments. 

Trees offer character and decoration to properties; therefore, it is always best to ask for an evaluation before any felling is carried out. 

Does My Tree Need To Be Felled?

Will You Dispose Of Any Debris?

Our tree felling service will have as little effect on your daily routine as possible. Our professional team will gather any debris created due to our tree felling services and disposed of it. 

We will limit any disruption created by our tree services as much as possible, leaving you to carry on as normal while the felling work is carried out.  

How Much Does Tree Felling Cost? 

The cost of any tree felling work will be determined during the initial assessment. 

Given that felling work can range in size and duration, fees may also vary. 

For a general free quote, please don't hesitate to get in touch and contact our team today via phone call or e-mail. 

How Long Does Tree Felling Take?

In the vast majority of cases, a tree felling job will take around an hour. Of course, complications that can extend this timeframe may occur. Additionally, if there are multiple trees that you wish to be felled, this will extend the time taken to complete the job.

What Does A Deadwood Removal Service Involve?

If you have a tree on your property that has become a danger to your health and safety, then you should arrange for our professional tree surgeons to make an assessment. 

Trees containing deadwood are often very hazardous, given that dead or diseased branches may fall from the tree at any time. This procedure takes place on the tree's crown by removing either part or all of the deadwood found there. 

What Does A Deadwood Removal Service Involve?

Deadwood provides an opportunity for fungi, diseases and pests to enter the tree, causing the tree to defend itself by creating a natural barrier in the branch where it meets the main trunk. 

The wood beyond this barrier weakens over time to the point where it will simply fall from the tree. During an assessment, our tree surgeons will decide whether the tree must be felled or if it only requires a basic trimming of the crown.   

The Tree Felling Process

As previously mentioned, the first step in the tree felling process is the assessment. Our tree surgeons will determine what work needs to be carried out on the selected tree during this step. 

If they determine that the tree needs to be felled, they will create a plan to bring the tree down in the safest and least disruptive way possible. 

Our surgeons use only the latest equipment, employing felling wedges, ropes, and winches to safely and securely fell any trees necessary. 

Do I need permission to cut down a tree in my garden?

If you are the sole owner of the property on which the trees stand, then you can fell any tree that you wish. There are two exceptions, however. 

They include any tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order or if the tree is in a conservation area. If you rent your property, you will need to get the landlord's permission before you have any trees felled. 

You should bear in mind that any damage inflicted on your neighbour or their property during any tree felling work is your liability. You are within your rights to remove overhanging branches from a neighbour's tree, but if the trunk stands on their property, then the branches are also their property. 

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