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Hedge and Shrub Maintenance

Shrubs and hedges are usually the most undervalued landscaping plants, they are mostly used to keep pets and children in or out of the home boundary. Although hedges don't produce flowers or fruits, when the hedges and shrubs are well maintained, they can be an attractive way to define boundary lines and borders.

hedge maintenance

Furthermore, when the shrubs and hedges are well maintained, they can enhance the appeal of your home by providing a complement to your trees, lawns, and hardscapes such as patios, paths and stonewalls. Moreover, since most hedges and shrubs stay green and vibrant all year round, they can increase the value of your home.

Unkempt and overgrown shrubs and hedges will have a negative effect on the value and appeal of your home. Regular hedge and shrub maintenance not only helps to create a tidy appearance but it also ensures optimal health. 

Maintenance helps the shrubs and hedges to grow better by keeping off any contagious diseases and old growth that can inhibit new growth of healthy branches. However, maintaining hedges and shrubs is not as simple as just cutting them back. Different plants have different requirements, which make it paramount to hire an experienced expert such as Arborescence Tree Care.

hedgerow neatly trimmed

An seasoned expert knows the best time and method to trim specific plants. Proper timing is important when pruning as trimming too late can affect the flowering ability of the plant. Improper pruning may cause insect or disease problems. Furthermore, some plants should not be aggressively pruned while others are more forgiving.

Hiring an experienced hedge and shrub maintenance company helps you avoid the mistakes that can negatively affect the health and appearance of your hedges and shrubs. Furthermore, Arborescence Tree Care are fully qualified with over 17 years of experience in providing top quality service across Northamptonshire.