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Height Reduction

Height reduction is a tree surgery procedure where the height of the tree is usually reduced and controlled. When trees have weak branches, they can easily fall on your driveway. However, it's better that you don't learn this the hard way. This service is important to both the people living around it and also to the tree itself. 

When we control the growth of the tree, we in turn control the dangers that it can cause. You may want to reduce the height of a tree because it has outgrown your garden and started to invade your border boundaries, or perhaps it is starting to threaten any overhead utilities such as electric cables.

tree height reduction

This practice requires specialised services since the process of cutting requires a set of skills as well as specialised tree cutting equipment. Do not attempt any tree surgery unless you have the related experience, equipment and competence.

Weak branches can also be cut to improve its structural integrity. Some trees start curving once they reach a certain height and can easily fall or break on a windy day. Cutting some parts of the tree strengthens the remaining branches and therefore cannot be shaken by heavy wind. 

Fruit trees that grow tall always require this service. If you want to improve the quality of your fruits, then cutting some of its weak and unhealthy parts is a good idea. It also improves the overall look of your trees. Overgrown trees in gardens can prevent direct sunlight from reaching your home.

tree height reduction

When reducing the height of mature trees, you never simply remove the entire top part of the tree. This process is known as "lopping" or "topping" and is very harmful to the tree. This is because you are removing some of its primary branches reducing its food production capacity. It also severely disfigures the tree.

Arborescence Tree Care are proudly registered with the ISA; all of our team are holders of valid NPTC and City & Guilds qualifications. We are experts in all aspects of tree services and by choosing us, you are guaranteed the best quality of work and best value for your money.