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Hedge and Shrub Maintenance
Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford

Are you looking for hedge and shrub maintenance in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford? 

Shrubs and hedges are usually the most undervalued landscaping plants, they are mostly used to keep pets and children in or out of the home boundary. Although hedges don't produce flowers or fruits, when the hedges and shrubs are well maintained, they can be an attractive way to define boundary lines and borders.

 hedge and shrub maintenance in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford

Furthermore, when the shrubs and hedges are well maintained, they can enhance the appeal of your home by providing a complement to your trees, lawns, and hardscapes such as patios, paths and stonewalls. Moreover, since most hedges and shrubs stay green and vibrant all year round, they can increase the value of your home.

Unkempt and overgrown shrubs and hedges will have a negative effect on the value and appeal of your home. Regular hedge and shrub maintenance not only helps to create a tidy appearance but it also ensures optimal health. 

Maintenance helps the shrubs and hedges to grow better by keeping off any contagious diseases and old growth that can inhibit new growth of healthy branches. 

However, maintaining hedges and shrubs is not as simple as just cutting them back. Different plants have different requirements, which make it paramount to hire an experienced expert such as Arborescence Tree Care.

hedgerow neatly trimmed

An seasoned expert knows the best time and method to trim specific plants. Proper timing is important when pruning as trimming too late can affect the flowering ability of the plant. Improper pruning may cause insect or disease problems. Furthermore, some plants should not be aggressively pruned while others are more forgiving.

Hedge and shrub services

We offer several hedge and shrub services in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas. 

These services cover both commercial and domestic gardens. From hedge cutting to shrub removal, our team of expert tree surgeons is on hand to create any vision you might have for your greenery. Here is a selection of the hedge and shrub services we offer:

Hedge Cutting 

Shrub / Rose Pruning

Hedge Reduction

Hedge Reduction

Planting of Hedges

Planting of Shrubs

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

What shrubs make a good hedge?

Different shrubs offer different benefits to hedging. Depending on your hedge's role in your garden and how you want it to look, it will all determine what species of shrub you should consider. From simple decoration to security, hedge shrubs are a versatile element of both commercial and domestic gardens. Here are a few examples of how different shrubs can serve your garden. 

Hedges that you wish to perform a security role in your garden, also known as "intruder hedges", are often created from shrubs that have protruding and prominent thorns. These will help keep unwanted guests from your property, as well as deterring criminals. Burglars are aware that thorned foliage can often trap evidence, whether pieces of clothing or blood, so the presence of a thorned hedge will be a natural deterrent to any would-be intruder. Common species of thorned shrub used in hedging are Hawthorn, Dog Rose, and English Holly. 

Evergreen shrubs also make for excellent hedges, providing a green border for your garden grounds all year round. Given that they aren't deciduous, however, evergreen hedges tend to be more expensive. Given their year-round foliage, evergreen hedges can also act to reduce noise levels and reduce pollution. Evergreen shrub species include Privet, Yew, and Lonicera nitida. 

Suppose you want your hedge to add some beautiful decoration to the border of your garden. In that case, there are numerous species of flowering shrubs to choose from. Hawthorn, Forsythia, and Wild Cherry are all brilliant examples of shrubs that you can use to create a gorgeous flowering hedge for your garden.

Along with flowers, there are many varieties of shrubs that produce berries, nuts, and hips. These can also add wonderful decoration to a garden border hedge. These species include Wild Cherry, Holly, and Hawthorn.

There is also the possibility of creating a hedge with edible berries or fruits within it. Growing your own food is becoming a common trend today and, besides root vegetables and fruit trees, hedges provide another way to grow food in your garden.  

How to Trim Hedges

Once you have selected the perfect shrub to create your hedges with and had them planted, your next gardening job is to ensure that they are well maintained. Hedge trimming is a skill that anyone can master; once you understand what a hedge needs to keep it looking good and healthy, maintenance is an easy process. 

This hand pruning should always be done in late winter. If you have a budding hedge, then you should be sure to prune before these buds begin to develop. This will help you hedge to grow in the direction you want it to, saving the energy that would otherwise go towards budding and putting it towards regrowth. 

Hedge trimming using shears or an electric trimmer is the best way to ultimately cut back your hedge and help it to maintain the shape you want for it. Hedge cutting also helps to promote bud growth around the edges of your hedges. However, constant growth on the faces of your hedge will lead to less light and air reaching the middle of the shrub. Therefore you should take care to prune your hedge by hand, creating gaps for air and light to get to the centre of the foliage so that the entire hedge can remain healthy. 

Hedges should also be tapered, narrowing towards the top. Given that the upper branches will naturally widen since they receive more sunlight, you must remember to create this tapering when hedge trimming. If you let the hedge grow as it will, these upper branches will create greater shadows, blocking the lower branches from the sun. Therefore this tapering is essential if you want the entirety of your hedge to remain healthy. 

Hiring an experienced hedge and shrub maintenance company helps you avoid the mistakes that can negatively affect the health and appearance of your hedges and shrubs. 

Furthermore, Arborescence Tree Care are fully qualified with over 17 years of experience in providing top quality service across Northamptonshire.

If you require hedge and shrub maintenance in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Bedford call today. Contact us on 01933 666078.