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Crown Management

If a tree is structurally sound, crown reduction should not be used for preventing a tree from falling over in a storm. The preferred method, in this case, is crown thinning. When a tree has its canopy reduced, the cuts made can stress the tree. A thinning cut will cut back to a natural boundary.

What does it mean to crown a tree?

The crown of a tree or shrub consists of the leaves, branches and reproductive structures that extend from the main trunk. Where there is a community of crowns growing in an area, this is known as a canopy or a crown.

Crowning can also be known as crown lifting or crown raising. This is done by removing the lower branches or by preparing these branches for removal at some future time.

crown of a tree obstructing light

How can a crown be reduced?

You can reduce the size of a tree by using shearing, tipping, and rounding techniques. These are methods that do not cause decay by compromising the tree's structure. Cuts should be made to leave the bark on the outer edge intact. After pruning, the cuts should not be evident when you stand back and look at it..

before crown reduction


after crown reduction


What is topping a tree?

When whole treetops or large branches and trunk is removed from a tree, this is known as tree topping. The result is stubs or branches that are not able to develop as a terminal leader. The process is also commonly known as tipping, heading, rounding over or hat-racking.

When a tree is over-pruned, it can have a negative effect on the tree. This can cause decay in the branches and trunk. If it is required that a tree's height is reduced, it must be carefully considered. A customer will need to understand the impact that topping will have on the health of a tree. 

Crown reduction is usually preferred to topping as a safe way to reduce the size of a tree. Another choice is to remove the tree and replace it with a smaller maturing plant.